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Meet Melanie Dyson, 
the designer behind
Apple Mill

Melanie is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) where she majored in Illustration and concentrated in Graphic Design and Book Arts. Using the laser machine as her muse, she combines the techniques she learned from all her fields of study to create unique products. During Melanie’s senior year at MICA she was first introduced to laser machine technology and she focused her thesis around utilizing the machine to create wearable art. Not long after graduation, with the support of her family, she found a way to purchase her own laser engraver and Apple Mill was born. She is always experimenting with new materials and techniques with the laser machine but has found glassware to be one of her favorite materials to work with. She creates custom giftware that has all been laser engraved by herself locally in her studio. Many of her designs are inspired by her home in Southern Maryland.


Apple Mill stands for A Personalized Piece Laser Engraved while Mill represents her family's heritage of owning a local saw mill and hardware store. When Melanie is not busy engraving she can be found working at her family’s store, Dyson Building Center. 

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